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Friday, October 30, 2009
I wonder..
Tell me, how is it that in a split second what you thought was your world can come crashing down and all you're left with is nothing but yourself?

Thankfully, God caught me instead.

I may not always be grateful, and I'm sorry.

Maybe things are better this way? 
Who knows, I sure as hell don't.

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

9:02 AM

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Random Fact # 1.
I laugh at people who seriously cannot drink.

Take for instance, a girl and a bottle of pre-mixed cocktail.
The alcohol content is probably what, 5 percent?

If you can get wasted on not even a full bottle.
You're bound to get laughed at by me.

Oh yes, my other blog is more updated than this dying thing (:

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

10:17 AM

`mel. the one and only . i turn 18 on the 130609, don't forget ;) - p.s. if you're reading this you either love me or hate me so much that you just have to read the crap i post, but if you've found it, good for you. enjoy :)

Craves : more money ;p


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