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Thursday, January 29, 2009
sigh, all this emo-ness is totally not good for the soul.

damn it, i sound like some drugged hippie.


but i do feel like dancing, possibly in the rain just to shake off all this unpleasantness.
most probably to September by Earth, Wind and Fire. ( ba-de-ya dancing in september)

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

11:00 PM

Friday, January 23, 2009
The Things That Happen
Okay people, i shall give you an insight into the past two days of my college life.. and you're probably wondering, why only yesterday and today? Well, pretty much because something interesting happened? :D

there wasn't THAT much that happened yesterday, it was just a normal day filled with studying and Charlene, Alanna, Kavi, Mok, Jarren, and how can we leave Darshan out.

and that concludes the day. last night though, is a whole 'nother story. The Orientation Party. the first act of course was none other than Marcia, Pamela, and Aisha, and they did absolutely fantastic with all their acoustic singing, teeheee! followed by some girl in CAL, whose name i can't remember [if you just so happen to come by this blog, i'm sorry] i think after that there was another acoustic performance which played a few songs and one of their own. OWHHH, faiz and lucas performed another one of their hillarious sketches, this time on how to make friends the right way, after which tim and sarah did a couple of songs (: then came the moment where the new student council was announced ( you guys know who they are :] ) and the best part of the night was the open dance floor and there were SOME people who just didn't want to dance, and that was sad but the saddest thing was they sent us all back at eight. such a bummer, oh well!

Moving on..

So i woke up stoned, well feeling stoned anyway.. no one and i mean absolutely nobody in class was in the "studying" mood, but it was pretty easy going today up until we got back from the iZone to class and that's where all the madness started, it was before Mr. Vedha entered class, and my laughing hysterics lasted for two hours! no kidding, i couldn't stop.. Alanna, Charlene, Kavi, and Jarren tried stopping it, but it just couldn't be done. So there i was laughing through both econs and english, i think the rest of the class thought i was crazy :D oh welll, at least it didn't carry on home and stopped in the car (: its about twenty minutes after i get home and we're back in the car, on our way to Johor. for those very precious twenty minutes which i would have loved to sit down and crash i was rushing around the house getting my bags and all the other junk into the car. Oh right, and i didn't have the pleasure of falling asleep in the car although Sel, Alex and Keegan did.

Happy Chinese New Year people! have a good one and collect as many ang pau's as you possibly can ;)

till next time,

Still loving you people,



"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

8:31 PM

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Like Whoa..
Ishhnesss, i tell you, bloody ishness..

the words i speak of here and now are of the truth.

HAHAHAHAHAHA, omgosh, i make me sound so serious..

but i am being serious, okay I'm TRYING to, so that must count for something.. right? :D

Anyway, back to the whole point of this post. I'm sure you guys get teachers that are both racist and "religionist" well, i have a lecturer who's religionist and it pisses me off the way he speaks of them, seriously. i do know my blog isn't private and random people may come across this and just happen to read this, so therefore i'm won't be saying which religion he is more bias to and will try my absolute best not to offend anyone, but seriously i get so fed up in that class listening to him babble on and on.. no wonder no one EVER, and i mean ever pays attention in his class..

enough with all that who-hah, the student council elections are going on this week and there are posters everywhere in the college, and i mean everywhere.. on most of the glass, on the escallators, even in the bathrooms, its pretty hectic with the candidates trying their hardest to get you to vote them for president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.. So, i'll be voting marcia for treasurer [ thank you mel!] and sharon for secretary.. ask me who for president and vice president, i dont have a clue =/

anyway, my homework awaits me *sighhhhh :(*

till next time,

je'taime you people!



"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

8:02 PM

Saturday, January 10, 2009
OMG, no way?!?!?!

I feel ecstatic!

i'm blogging from my new laptop :D

yes, i do realize i haven't updated in a while ;p

okay, a long time...

but, i am here now (:

so the last piece of nonsense that came from me was about camp. (okay, that wasn't.. more like isn't nonsense..)

time to get you people up to date i guess, right?

well, okay, let's see..

(if you, by any chance at all read my sister's blog, this section may just be a LITTLE boring..)

so the day after we got back from camp, we (Sel & I) were picked up by my aunt and taken on a three-hour journey back down to Johor, where i posted my previous post after which i was immediately was chased off by none other than both Sel and my cousin, anyway, the next morning i was up at 7 and followed my aunt on yet another long drive up to Semenyih and into the Nottingham Uni to pick up my other cousin and her "friend" and once they loaded the car with all their nonsense, more hours were spent in the car on our way back to Johor. so Joan and I get dropped off at home for a couple of hours which were spent re-packing [ it really is so bloody irritating ] well, in the evening on that very same day we got back into the car and made our way down to Singapore, and there we satyed one more night..

And now, the best part. i think..

Everyone was up and ready by 8, the latest.. all filled with excitement, especially the younger ones. anyway, at 9 we were in the car. and on our way to the docks where we boarded the Superstar Virgo! at like 11, but i guess it was worth the wait. well, it was a four-day-three-night thing with absolutely NO eye candy! that was probably the saddest part.. if my memory serves me right, it was an awesome but not fantastic trip. The trips to the top deck in the middle of the night with a strong gale blowing was hilarious and not to mention fun and I'm surprised the little one didn't fly away =D. Okay, so we get down in Penang for like 6 hours then we're back on the ship. come the next morning, whaddya know we're in Phuket, so the worst thing happened, we were taken to all that touristy crap and weren't allowed to go to the market to do proper Thai shopping, complete with bargaining till they give you an extremely cheap price, that was a bummer.. ANYWAY, after that catastrophe we headed back to Singapore, and that was Christmas eve, mind you.

and then Christmas came rolling in, i usually love Christmases but this year there was a MAJOR shortage in presents, and i mean major.. well from my aunts and all anyway. and thank you to all of you who gave me presents * big smiles*

i guess after that, all that is left is my new year's eve and the starting of college..

My new year's eve was a blast, although there's too much information there.. let's just leave it with a basic summery, there were two parties and i dinner, alcohol at only two of the three events. i DID not, i repeat, did not, get drunk.. okay, i was half blasted ;p

Well the only thing i did from new year's day till the day of orientation was go out with like a ton of people.. so now comes the part about college, its pretty alright. almost like school, with similar hours and all.. but, i am enjoying it except for the bombardment of homework =/

Oh well, as you can see life hasn't been THAT interesting.

till next time,

I j'adore you people!



"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

11:49 PM

`mel. the one and only . i turn 18 on the 130609, don't forget ;) - p.s. if you're reading this you either love me or hate me so much that you just have to read the crap i post, but if you've found it, good for you. enjoy :)

Craves : more money ;p


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